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    Game Title: Dora Loves Flowers    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.59 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Loves-Flowers.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-4/DoraLovesFlowers.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-4/DoraLovesFlowers.rar
    Introduce:  Dora is a florist at heart and she loves arranging flowers in vase so much. Now, let's join her in the garden, choose the most beautiful flowers and arrange them. I know flower arranging is an art but the art is easy to master when you follow instructions right? Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Goes To School    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.2 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Goes-To-School.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-4/DoraGoesToSchool.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-4/DoraGoesToSchool.rar
    Introduce:  Guys, Dora loves going to school because she can learn so much interesting things. Every day, she catches the bus to go to her school but today she wakes up late. So she has to walk alone. But she doesn't know that many wonderful things are waiting her. Let's start a new adventure with Dora. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Easter Day    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 996 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Easter-Day.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-3/DoraEasterDay.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-3/DoraEasterDay.rar
    Introduce:  Dora feels so excited because today is Easter Day. She is ready to collect egg. Let's help her a hand and enjoy yourself with this wonderful Dora game. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Manicure After Injury    Class: Makeover Games    FileSize: 2.47 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/makeover-games/Manicure-After-Injury.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-3/manicureafterinjury.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-3/manicureafterinjury.rar
    Introduce:  It is a day to have a nice manicure. But unexpectedly cissy held up with some cooking work. In hurry she gets her finger injured while cutting the vegetables. Imediately cissy has to be takeup to the hospital. Be with cissy and help her to get a cured finger. Then as she plan you can take her to a manicure. Get ready . Have a awesome game . Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Valentine Day Cake    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.44 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Valentine-Day-Cake.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-2/valentinedaycake.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-2/valentinedaycake.rar
    Introduce:  Our special little Dora has come up with a special delicious cake on this wonderful valentine day. Get ready to follow Dora to have a creamy exquisite valentine day cake in your home. Watch this game and you will get some ideas to prepare a delicious Valentine Cake. Have fun with our little cute Dora.
    Game Title: Cute Dora Bathing    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.15 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Cute-Dora-Bathing.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-1/CuteDoraBathing.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-1/CuteDoraBathing.rar
    Introduce:  This is a time for our lovable Dora to take bath. Dora she is very much interested in playing with water. Take care of this adorable girl. Have a playful bathing with cute Dora by following the steps given in the game. And Dress up her well with the dresses given and suitable accessories.
    Game Title: Dora Party Dress Up    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Party-Dress-Up.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-1/dorapartydressup.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-1/dorapartydressup.rar
    Introduce:  Our grown up dora has been invited for her school party. As it is a school party many of her school friends are coming to take part in that wonderful memorable party. As a close friend of dora give a grand dress to dora .So that dora feel confident by meeting her friends after a long days.
    Game Title: Newyear Cupcake Decoration    Class: Cooking Games    FileSize: 1.04 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/cooking-games/Newyear-Cupcake-Decoration.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2013-12/CupcakeDecoration.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2013-12/CupcakeDecoration.rar
    Introduce:  New Year is near! Their is no better way to welcome the new year, as sweet as eating cakes with family and friends. And we are here to decorate the cup cakes in professional style for the New Year Party! Wish all a very happy new year!
    Game Title: Dora Schoolday Dressup    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 600KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Schoolday-Dressup.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2013-11/doraschooldaydressup.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2013-11/doraschooldaydressup.rar
    Introduce:  New and funny game is here with dora schoolday dressup ! Lets find out what kind of clothes Dora can combine so she can dress up in stylish way for her new adventure. Do you have clothes that are similar with Dora's?
    Game Title: Dora Christmas Dressup    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 923 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Christmas-Dressup.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2013-12/dorachristmas.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2013-12/dorachristmas.rar
    Introduce:  Christmas Season has started and everyone are enjoying this winter, So is our dora. Our little Dora needs your help to find a perfect dress for the Christmas. Help her and have fun. Merry Christmas!
    Game Title: Dora Thanks Giving Party Dressup    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 992 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Thanks-Giving-Party-Dressup.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2013-11/DoraThanksGiving.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2013-11/DoraThanksGiving.rar
    Introduce:  Our little cute Dora has arranged a party for all her lovable persons to show her thanks for given a happy moments in her wonderful life. She is a little girl with lot of thanks giving in her mind. It is time to attend a Thanks giving party. All are waiting for the welcome of dora. Help dora to dressup for party .select a nice party look dress with suitable accessories. Have a nice thanks giving day.
    Game Title: Hairdresser Style Design    Class: Makeover Games    FileSize: 598 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/makeover-games/Hairdresser-Style-Design-Games.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/HairdresserStyleDesign.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/HairdresserStyleDesign.rar
    Introduce:  Do you want to have a cool haircut to make you stylish? Just follow this hairdresser ,she will wash and dry for you first ,and then Pick a hair color for you,of course along with a few more details,hope you will like this hairdresser style design !
    Game Title: Baby Fishing    Class: Boy Games    FileSize: 868 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/boy-games/Baby-Fishing.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/baby-fishing/baby-fishing.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/babyfishing.rar
    Introduce:  Have you ever gone to fishing? It is a definitely fun sport! Come with this lovely baby and get more realistic fishing experience! It looks very easy but it improves your motor skills for actual fishing! See which kind of fish this baby want to catch from the "TASK",then click the spacebar to put the hook and again click spacebar to draw back.
    Game Title: Travel Beach Hotel    Class: Cooking Games    FileSize: 628 KB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/cooking-games/Travel-Beach-Hotel-Games.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/Travel-Beach-Hotel/Travel-Beach-Hotel.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/TravelBeachHotel.rar
    Introduce:  Beach Summer camps are one of the best ways to spend summer vacation for kids ,when the kids arrive seaside,there is a travel beach hotel,there the food is so delicious that they are so eager to have a taste of it ,let's treat them with warm passional serving ! Click the food that the kids want and then put food on the plate , If you offer the right food, you will get 20 gold coins. If wrong, 20 gold coins will be taken off.Enjoy!
    Game Title: Dora's Real Stock    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.26 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Doras-Real-Stock-Games.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/Doras-Real-Stock/Doras-Real-Stock.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/DorasRealStock.rar
    Introduce:  Be a superstock investor after learning real stock together with Dora! This dora's real stock game can improve our skill and judgement of the international financial markets.Enjoy!How to play:First,click green button to start,then select any stock, remember your initial money is $30000,Input how many Lots you want to buy when price is lower,once the price increased,you can sell a part or all of your stock to see how much you earn,of course you can also holding your stock waiting for a higher price!
    Game Title: Pretty Pedicure    Class: Makeover Games    FileSize: 1.29 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/makeover-games/Pretty-Pedicure-Games.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/Pretty-Pedicure-Games/Pretty-Pedicure-Games.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/PrettyPedicure.rar
    Introduce:  A girl cannot go out without first having her nails done! Do your best to style your nails! Well, Time to show people your talents as a Pretty Pedicure stylist,enjoy!
    Game Title: My Dreamy Nail    Class: Makeover Games    FileSize: 1.08 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/makeover-games/My-Dreamy-Nail-Games.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/My-Dreamy-Nail-Games/My-Dreamy-Nail-Games.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-2/MyDreamyNail.rar
    Introduce:  With spring arriving,girls who dream to design best manicures to release your inner child should have a look at this my dreamy nail games available,it's fresh...it's sweet...it's sassy!
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