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    Game Title: Elsa Safari Slacking    Class: Kids Games    FileSize: 1.56 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/kids-games/Elsa-Safari-Slacking.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2015-6/ElsaSafariSlacking-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2015-6/ElsaSafariSlacking-more.rar
    Introduce:  Elsa loves animals and want to care them. She has decides that she wants to go on an amazing safari. She joins a African safari tour Help her escape the boring lectures of her tour guide and sneak off to slack with animals. Help Elsa complete all of tasks. Follow in the instructions, use the mouse and keyboard to interact.
    Game Title: Dora Sibling Care    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.31 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Sibling-Care.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-5/DoraSiblingCare-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-5/DoraSiblingCare-more.rar
    Introduce:  It is really great fun to spend time with twins, especially when they are your siblings. Today Dora's mother is busy in the kitchen so Dora has to take care of these cute twins and fulfill all their demands. She needs your help in taking a good care of them and keeping them safe while playing. Have fun! Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Party Preparing    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.4 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Party-Preparing.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-4/DoraPartyPreparing-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-4/DoraPartyPreparing-more.rar
    Introduce:  Dora is a party girl and she loves organizing fun beach party so much. But her holiday cottage is so dirty because Dora hasn't come here for a long time. Therefore, Dora needs to clean her house up.Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Lighthouse Adventure    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 2.15 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Lighthouse-Adventure.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-12/DoraLighthouseAdventure.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-3/DoraLighthouseAdventure.rar
    Introduce:  Dora is in a luxury cruise enjoying life in the middle of waters. She doesn't know anybody in the cruise. So be with her, take care of her needs and make sure she doesn't get lost. Remember that Dora loves swimming and eating the fruits so much. Now, let's start! Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Flower Store Slacking    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.55 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Flower-Store-Slacking.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-3/DoraFlowerStore-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2015-3/DoraFlowerStore-more.rar
    Introduce:  Dora very loves the flowers so she decided open the Flower Store, but her works so boring and she want to fun as: paint a picture, text a message, drink a fruit juice... Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Baby Ocean Accident    Class: Kids Games    FileSize: 1.32 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/kids-games/Baby-Ocean-Accident.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2015-2/BabyOceanAccident-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2015-2/BabyOceanAccident-more.rar
    Introduce:  Baby is walking on the beach and suddenly she got a foot's injury. Now, take her to the nearest hospital and give her the best treatment so she can recover soon! Enjoy this baby doctor game.Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Princess Foot Surgery    Class: Princess Games    FileSize: 1.17 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/princess-games/Princess-Foot-Surgery.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2015-1/PrincessFootSurgery-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2015-1/PrincessFootSurgery-more.rar
    Introduce:  Our little princess is on the way to her best friend's castle. But suddenly she got a foot's injury and fell down on the ground. There is no way to conserve her foot without surgery. Try to help her recover and also have a healthy and balanced food one again. Have a good time. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Christmas Cake    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.65 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Christmas-Cake.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-12/DoraChristmasCake-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-12/DoraChristmasCake-more.rar
    Introduce:  Dora loves cooking so much and she wants to suprise everyone in her family by making a Christmas cake. Join her in the kitchen and learn how to make a yummy cake with our girl. Have fun!Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Thanksgiving Day Prepare    Class: Cooking Games    FileSize: 2.77 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/cooking-games/Thanksgiving-Day-Prepare.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-11/ThanksgivingDayPrepare-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-11/ThanksgivingDayPrepare-more.rar
    Introduce:  Thanksgiving Day is coming. So our little girl and her mommy decide to go to the supermarket. Let's help them find necessary food and beverage for the party tonignt. And then, decorate the party with them. Enjoy it!Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Shiloh Dinner Party Dressup    Class: Dress Up Games    FileSize: 1.55 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/dress-up-games/Shiloh-Dinner-Party-Dressup.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-11/shilohdinnerparty-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-11/shilohdinnerparty-more.rar
    Introduce:  A real party girl has a lot of colour choices and many combinations! Help shiloh choose a beautiful gown to wear in her dinner party. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Diego Shopping    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 2.28 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/games/Diego-Shopping.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-10/DiegoShopping.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-10/DiegoShopping.rar
    Introduce:  Diego is planning party for halloween outside. He needs to prepare everything: sandwich, juice, fruits, dresses... Let's go the supermarket with him and choose the right things. Enjoy this fun game. Instructions:Use your mouse to play. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Elsa with Anna Dress Up    Class: Princess Games    FileSize: 1.91 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/princess-games/Elsa-with-Anna-Dress-Up.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-9/ElsawithAnnaDressUp-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-9/ElsawithAnnaDressUp-more.rar
    Introduce:  Guys, Elsa and Anna are inivited to a royal prom tonight. They both want to look stunning and beautiful. As their stylist, you need to choose a wonderful dress for them. Don't forget to pick up amazing accessories and create a perfect hairstyle for them. Have fun time with this game. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Garden Decor    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.6 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Garden-Decor.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-9/DoraGardenDecor-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-9/DoraGardenDecor-more.rar
    Introduce:  Dora has green fingers and she really loves gardening. Let's help her decorate her unique garden with pretty house, trees and things like that. Enjoy this special Dora game.Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Classroom Slacking    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.09 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Classroom-Slacking.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-8/ClassroomSlacking-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-8/ClassroomSlacking-more.rar
    Introduce:  Dora has to study alone with her teacher. But she can not focus on studying. She wants to brush her hair, send message for her best friend, eat yummy chocolate and do fun things. Let help her do it but remember to pay attention to the teacher or Dora will be caught and punished. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora At Park    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.35 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-At-Park.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-8/DoraAtPark-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-8/DoraAtPark-more.rar
    Introduce:  Today is a lovely sunny day. So Dora and her best friends forever decides to go the new park in the city. They can't wait to play interesting games with your help. So let's start now! Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Anna and Kristoff True Love Kiss    Class: Kissing Games    FileSize: 1.9 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/games/kissing-games/Anna-and-Kristoff-True-Love-Kiss.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-7/TrueLoveKiss.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/games/UploadFile/2014-7/TrueLoveKiss.rar
    Introduce:  Anna and kristoff love each other so much. They want to kiss all the time. So can you help them a hand.Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora At The Farm    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.95 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-At-The-Farm.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-6/DoraAtTheFarm.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-6/DoraAtTheFarm.rar
    Introduce:  Dora decides to spend her summer vacation in a farm. She really loves the life here. Let's help her taking care about plants and learning to become a real farmer. Enjoy this wonderful Dora At The Farm game.Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Puppy Caring    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.25 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Puppy-Caring.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-6/DoraPuppyCaring-more.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-6/DoraPuppyCaring-more.rar
    Introduce:  Dora is an animal lover. She has two super cute puppies. Now, let's help Dora taking care about them. Choose the puppy you love then give him a bath then dress him up. Enjoy this Dora Puppy Caring.Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Bedroom Decor    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 1.55 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Bedroom-Decor.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-5/DoraBedroomDeco.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-5/DoraBedroomDeco.rar
    Introduce:  Dora and her family has just moved to a new house. She really wants to decorate her bedroom. Can you help her a hand? Let's show your creation and start now! Remember that you have lovely beds, colourful wallpaper and more to create the perfect room for this adventurous girl. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
    Game Title: Dora Prepares For Picnic    Class: Dora Games    FileSize: 2.47 MB
    Game URL: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/dora-games/Dora-Prepares-For-Picnic.html
    Game Swf: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-5/DoraForPicnic.swf
    Game Download: http://www.dora-games.net/dora/UploadFile/2014-5/DoraForPicnic.rar
    Introduce:  Dora is planning a picnic to a park. She needs to prepare everything: sandwich, juice, oranges, umbrella... Let's go the supermarket with her and choose the right things. Enjoy this fun game. Instructions:Use your mouse to play.
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