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The reviews follow this quick paragraph. If you are in search of various download files, like games, movies or any other file downloads, try searching on one of the big search engines. You will be amazed at how many sites are out there, try “Films Download” and see if you get better results.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King: The capital of Gondor is under attack, and the battle for Middle Earth is on. Sauron, the dark one, is gaining power, and his victory seems certain. Gandalf and the other fight on with the only hope lying in the efforts of two little Hobbits. Frodo, and his lifelong friend Sam are battling there way to Mount Doom in order to destroy the One Ring, the ring that give Sauron his great power. Their success or failure will determine the fate of Middle Earth.

Beowulf: A mighty warrior, Beowulf has fought and defeated the demon beast Grendel. Now he will incur the wrath of his much more powerful mother. The epic battle that follows will have people speaking the name of Beowulf forever.

Gangs Of New York: As a young boy, Amesterdam Vallon saw his father killed during a gang-fight in New York. Moving ahead to 1863, Amsterdam has returned to New York, and plans to avenge his father’s death. He eventually infiltrates the gang of Bill the Butcher, the very man he wants dead.

The Incredible Gentleman: Well-loved Television megastar dies and Ferrer disposes his commemoratory show, only to find the megastar was a disgraceful fake. Al Morgan adjusted Morgan’s thinly veiled novel in regards to Arthur Godfrey. Cast includes Jose Ferrer, Dean Jagger, Keenan Wynn, Julie London, Jim Backus, and Ed Wynn. (92 minutes, 1956)

Follow the Fleet: Admirable lyrical with seamen Astaire and Scott courting siblings Rogers and Hilliard. Irving Berlin melodies contain “Let’s Face the Music and Dance,” “Let Yourself Go,” “We Noticed the Ocean.” A revising of Beach Leave, a 1925 Richard Barthelmess flick, and the 1930 lyrical Hit the Deck. That’s Lucille Ball as Cat. Cast includes Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Randolph Scott, Harriet Hilliard Nelson, Astrid AlIwyn, and Betty Grable. (110 minutes, 1936)

So I Married an Axe Murderer: A man who’s unconditionally stayed away from vow by finding ridiculous rationales to split up with his lady friends ultimately meets Miss Right-and then comes to trust that she’s a infamous axe murderess! Myers is ingratiating and ludicrous particularly in a second role as his own contrary Scottish dad however the film by no means switches into high gear. Cameos by such recognizable joke identities as Charles Grodin, Steven Wright, Phil Hartman, and Michael Richards appear mainly unnecessary. Cast includes Mike Myers, Nancy Travis, Anthony LaPaglia, Amanda Plummer, Brenda Fricker, Debi Mazar, and Matt Doherty. (93 minutes, 1993)

Lily in Love: Flat, unfunny and un-credited modifying of Molnar’s The Guardsmen and Chocolate Cadet. Overbearing performer Plummer camouflages himself as an Italian, and courts spouse Smith. It tries to be alluring and advanced, although flounders dismally in spite of Plummer and Smith’s attempts. Cast includes Christopher Plummer, Maggie Smith, Elke Sommer, Adolph Green, and Szabo Sandor. (103 minutes, 1985)

China Girl: American photographer in bizarre Orient throughout WW2 is background for incredible venture spun wool. Cast includes Gene Tierney, George Montgomery, Lynn Bari, Winner McLagen, Sig Ruman, Bobby Robert Cook, and Ann Pennington. (95 minutes, 1942)

Black Moon Rising: Vaughn’s hot-automobile ring robs the Black Moon, one of those zoom across-the-vinegar-valleys fantasy devices no taller than a munchkin’s shin; high-tech robber Jones chases. Delinquent rocker turned actor Ving wears a coat and tie, although that’s in regards to it for innovation value; this one merits a Large Moon Ascending. Cast includes Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn, Richard Jaeckel, Bubba Smith, Lee Ving, and William Sanderson. (100 minutes, 1986)

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